'Give the North West more political power'

Does the North need more power?
Does the North need more power?
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Having observed the shabby and ill-conceived progress of our Brexit adventure, we are left with an apparently insoluble problem.

I am intrigued by the collective logic of our politicians who voted overwhelmingly to hold a referendum on our future membership of the EU.

Then when the electorate voted to leave, they didn’t seem to like this.

They voted that Parliament should have the final say, and now, as Parliament itself has proved unable to decide, we are being told that a second referendum is the solution. Even more surprisingly, we are being told by some politicians of all parties that this will heal the schism between Remainers and Brexiteers.

I find this unlikely!

It seems to me that what the original referendum revealed, and the subsequent actions of our political ‘leaders’ reinforced, was a deep dissatisfaction with the current political structure.

In the North, I believe we feel controlled and constrained by two iron hands - in Brussels and in Westminster.

The individuals appear to have no control, and, in my view, this was one of the issues which resulted in a stronger Leave vote in the North.

Our politicians are so busy protecting their own positions or following some confused party line, they seem incapable of looking beyond our immediate political woes.

Whichever way we eventually move forward, we need to change our political structure - perhaps to a federal structure with the regions having equal power to the current Scottish Parliament.

I note that a Yorkshire party fielded candidates in the EU election.

The next General Election should see some Lancashire candidates. An assembly in Manchester would dilute the power of the current Westminster lobbyists, focus on the issues which are important to us, and allow the development of political leaders from the general population rather than political hacks with Political Science degrees and little real world experience.