Fracking, politics and charity - here are the letters for May 22, 2019

Cuadrilla's fracking equipment
Cuadrilla's fracking equipment
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Letters - May 22, 2019

Argentina about to sail north to help us?

I read with no surprise that Argentina is reaping the rewards of its Vaca Muerta shale gas fields and embarking on liquefied natural gas exportation.

It is a sad indictment that Argentina will most likely add its name to a long list of countries bringing much needed gas to our shores - not something the UKs task force of 1982 could have envisaged, Argentina sailing north to help us!

Only weeks ago young Londoners were gluing themselves to pavements in the name of climate action, and now their parents will soon be marvelling in the air conditioned plastic covered tennis courts at SW 19.

Virtue signalling over, for the time being.

The only casualty out of this is the rise in opposition to the UK producing its own shale gas which would drastically reduce imports and with it lower CO2 emissions.



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Throw out all the career politicians

Thanks to our self-seeking, Parliamentarians disaster looms - the end of democracy, and demise of a once Great Britain as an independent nation state.

The long drift towards rule by a professional political elite with little interest outside the Westminster ‘bubble’ and their own avaricious careers means that those we have elected no longer see themselves as our representatives, but as our rulers. Globalisation would end the nation state, and the need to worry about electorates. The rich and the powerful would rule untroubled by the restraints of democracy.

Brussels is the supreme example of the abuse of unelected power. If we meekly submit to the EU dictatorship, we shall have lost the priceless benefit of our own independence – part of a federal Europe ruled by unelected bureaucrats.

Is there any hope? Many have thrown up their hands vowing never to vote again.

No, no, no. Get out there and make it plain to those treacherous incompetents that have brought us to the edge of

the abyss that whether Conservative, Labour or Liberal, you will never vote for them again.

Loss of livelihood will bring a dose of reality to those sensible enough to believe in democracy.

We must never allow ourselves ever again to be ruled by a careerist political elite that regards itself as morally superior to the ordinary hard-working man and woman whose votes put them into power - power which they have sadly abused.

Richard Wimpenny

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Runners offered invaluable support

Congratulations to all of the amazing runners who made this year’s Simplyhealth Great Manchester Run such a huge success, with a special thank you to the 146 brave runners who took part on behalf of Diabetes UK.

Huge thanks also to the Team Diabetes UK supporters who were out in force to cheer their heroes to the finish line. Tens of thousands of people completed both the 10K and half marathon courses, taking in views of the iconic Beetham Tower, Old Trafford and the Imperial War Museum North.

Diabetes UK is the official charity partner of the Simplyhealth Great Run Series 2019.

The money raised by our amazing runners will help to make life better for the 4.7 million people living with diabetes in the UK. Diabetes is a serious condition and if not managed well it can lead to major complications such as sight loss, amputation and stroke. But when people manage their diabetes well, they can avoid these life-threatening complications and stay healthy.

Diabetes UK provides information, care and support for everyone with diabetes – and for their family and friends – so they can manage their condition well.

Your invaluable support has helped us move closer to our vision of a world where diabetes can do no harm.

Anyone interested in taking on a fundraising challenge for Diabetes UK, whether running cycling, swimming or walking, can visit

Clare Howarth

Head of the North of England at Diabetes UK