Exclusion from school over piercing, climate change and parking - here are the letters for April 30, 2019

Kimberley Long (13) who has been sent home from school after getting her nose pierced. Photo: Kelvin Stuttard
Kimberley Long (13) who has been sent home from school after getting her nose pierced. Photo: Kelvin Stuttard
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Well done to Stephen Careless, head teacher of Montgomery Academy, for excluding a pupil from lessons because of a nose piercing (The Gazette, April 26).

All schools hold strict rules on various topics, and it is up to parents to support those rules, and ensure their children adhere to them.

There is surely a health and safety issue here, as well, which the Academy obviously took into consideration. If a student is involved in any sporting activities, it could prove very dangerous, to the student.

This shows common sense, something which in today’s world is sadly lacking. These days everyone seems to be more impressed with peoples’ degrees, than basic common sense.

Part of everyone’s education is to learn about respect, and accepting rules and regulations imposed by either schools or places of work. Providing a sick note when being absent is also a basic requirement for the working industry in the “real world”.

Carry on the good work, Mr Careless, you are doing an excellent job. I hope Montgomery Academy will achieve all the educational accolades you are trying so hard to help them achieve.

Mrs Geraldine 



Acting on behalf of future generations

Extinction Rebellion have inevitably caused controversy.

Most people now recognise that global warming threatens the future of the planet.

Urgent attention is required. But does the situation justify bringing gridlock to parts of London? On climate change, we have seen some positive developments.

At the same time it has also become obvious that the Government’s progress on reducing greenhouse gas emissions is far too slow.

On the protests, people going about their legitimate business will have been affected by the disruption in London. Extinction Rebellion’s actions have spawned heated discussion as to whether or not their methods are justified.

The fact remains that the organisation has succeeded in gaining a level of political attention that has never been afforded to more conventional lobbying.

Our democratic system must not ignore the fate of future generations.

By definition, minors and those yet unborn can play no part in decisions being taken now, whereas their lives will be constrained and damaged by our failure to take radical action on climate change.

It seems to us that Extinction Rebellion is acting on behalf of those future generations.

Chris Broome

via email


‘Useful idiots’ for the global elite

I may ruffle a few feathers here but Greta Thunberg (pictured) and the vast majority within the Extinction Rebellion movement are nothing more than useful idiots for the global elite.

For those who don’t know, Thunberg is a Swedish climate activist who has been described as a role model for worldwide student activism in the battle against man-made global warming.

But here’s the awkward truth, an uncomfortable truth if you will, man-made global warming is a hoax used by globalists to drastically reduce the world’s population.

Jeremy Corbyn’s brother, Piers, is one of many physicists and meteorologists who are challenging the premise that human activity is influencing our weather.

Another two-thirds of scientists questioned on the issue refuse to offer an opinion on “man-made” global warming.

Julie Jeffries

North shore


I won’t go unless 
I find free space

After a recent visit to the Wetherspoon pub, The Poulton Elk, I see the council have introduced a new evening car park charge from 6pm until 8 am in the car park adjacent to the elk.

It was always a pleasure to park there to go for a meal in Poulton but yet again sadly, due to this, I won’t bother going into Poulton after 6pm unless I find a place on the street - much to the annoyance of locals who want to park their cars on their street.

K Hill