'Donald Trump’s fans deluded to think he will help Britain'

The anti-Trump protest in London, what do you think of his visit?
The anti-Trump protest in London, what do you think of his visit?
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Don’t be fooled by talk of the benefits of a trade deal between Britain and the USA.

Donald Trump comes to promote America’s interests and a deal will reflect them.

A desperate British PM could be pressured into a rushed US trade deal, regardless of long-term damage to British farmers.

Canada and Mexico found their carefully negotiated trade deal, the North American Free Trade Agreement, was near ripped apart under Trump.

Arbitration in dispute is near impossible because the USA has blocked appointment of arbitrators.

Beware of counting on the so- called “special relationship”.

It is a phrase parroted by British politicians but which means little on Capitol Hill.

Trump is good at honeyed words but reality is very different.

Britain has hosted state visits from far worse countries than the United States, but never from a leader who behaved so boorishly towards his host country.

Revealing the content of a private conversation with the Queen, and insulting the Duchess of Sussex, are just some examples.

Britain’s Donald Trump fan club are deluding themselves if they think he will really help Britain.

Roger Backhouse

via email

Time to respect democracy - or it will be lost to the mob

The horrifying reality of the Nazis can be seen in Auschwitz today, where it is clear that the considered decision to extend the truck railhead from the camp gates into the camp itself, near the gas chambers, meant that they could kill more Jews in any given day.

They increased the numbers murdered to 4,500 a day.

The videos released showing anti-Trump protesters attacking Trump supporters in London, shrieking “Nazi Scum” as they were jostled and pushed to the ground, pensioners included, shows the new raw reality of our politics.

The use of the words “fascist” and “Nazi”, appropriated in virtue-signalling opposition to populist policies, shows not only a contempt for democracy which destroys dialogue and debate, but also a profound genuine ignorance of our history.

The Mayor of London, describing President Trump in those terms, beggars belief.

Are we so really ignorant of the reality of fascism? So unaware of our history?

The sacrifice of so many we remember and honour this D-Day Anniversary is smeared by those who use the freedom - bought with their sacrifice - with such contempt.

In this divided country, the home of modern democracy, can we melt the snowflakes and begin to listen to others, or are we so ignorant of our past? It is time to respect democracy, or it will be lost to the mob.

Keith Punshon

via email