Crisis in care, Brexit and health - here are the letters for June 5, 2019

Mr Maynard MP
Mr Maynard MP
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Letters - June 5, 2019

Tory candidates failing to support vulnerable

We are now to have a second Tory prime minister with no mandate from the public, elected by their tiny membership.

Last week my MP, Mr Maynard (pictured), told the Gazette who he would be supporting. Busy picking leaders he could have missed the Panorama programme ‘Crisis in care’.

The government has been warned time and again that its ceaseless cuts to local authority funding have very real and painful consequences for people. The two episodes documented an investigation into four families with complex care needs, and also the impact cuts by the Government have had on people with care and support needs.

Every single MP who have voted through this Conservative austerity agenda must now hang their head in shame.

Their actions have caused and continue to cause desperate human pain. At the moment not one candidate for Conservative leadership, including my own MP Mr Maynard, have put through any programme for how the most vulnerable in our society are going to be cared for. This is also a shameful failure to understand how tattered our public services have become under this government.

Being the fifth biggest economy on the planet we should be finding the money to treat our most vulnerable with dignity and fairly reward those who care for them too.

We have to rebuild our public adult social care system after years of sell-offs, as Labour have promised to do when in Government.

Royston Jones



Close poll claim is a smokescreen

Once again some correspondents claim that the result of the referendum should be ignored as it is too close to call, and in his opinion it is only the Remainers who knew what they were voting for.

This is all a smokescreen as the referendum was simply “do you wish to remain or do you wish to leave?”, with a promise the result would be honoured.

The fact that there was only a 72 per cent turnout means that there was a further 28 per cent who didn’t vote to remain.

The logic in taking the individual parties in last month’s EU elections as being for or against Brexit is flawed logic as neither the Conservative or Labour parties are all one way or the other.

For example it is claimed that Labour is for Remain, but while Labour Party MPs who are doing everything to prevent Brexit, almost 70 per cent of Labour-held constituencies voted to leave. Hopefully the MPs who are not representing their constituents will be looking for a job come the next election.

Keith Turnbull

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The people voted to leave Mr Heseltine

Michael Heseltine warns that the Northern Powerhouse agenda is at risk due to the Brexit deadlock.

Perhaps he should have mentioned it to Theresa May – and all those who wish to become PM. Can I remind him the people voted to leave Europe and MPs promised to carry out our wishes? A negotiated deal has not been agreed. That leaves – no-deal.

Eddie Peart