Climate change and Brexit - here are the letters for May 16, 2019

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Is it true that the United Kingdom is now being internationally recognised as a serious contributor to climate change? That the decisions deliberately enforced upon this nation by the Government are giving considerable help to bringing about the end of life upon Earth?

That the destruction of our countryside is a deliberate attempt to stem the ability of grass and soil to absorb undesirable gases and is considerably adding to the global problem?

Bearing in mind that this debate has never featured in an election manifesto, that not one single British voter has been consulted, that this policy was concocted in offices in London and that therefore the collective wisdom of 45 million British people was ignored, does this explain why there is now considerable scorn when this country describes itself as ‘the mother of democracy’?

What democracy?

And that when the recent report was issued by a very frightened United Nations that drew attention to nature’s reliance on interdependency that there was hardly a British household conscious of natural infrastructure – whether it be ramblers, naturalists, smallholders, yeomen, field labourers or farmers – who could not have produced an identical conclusion through pure common sense.

And yet it continues. The asset-stripping of 
our countryside does not hesitate.

Superb arable soil is concreted over. Serene pastures disappear beneath the bulldozer. Health-giving flora and fauna are devastated. Nature and organic infrastructure is subordinated.

Through compression, 
many of our children are 
reduced to being raised in environments such as tower blocks and back-to-backs that deprive their young minds of contact with natural phenomena – engaging in curiosity and evolving properly – and having to find other ways to distract themselves, such as experimenting in crime.

Congestion grows and travel times quadruple. Gridlock becomes regular. The reliance on food imports increases.

Schools, hospitals and other essential services are stretched as the Government continues fostering the preposterous illusion that Britain contains so much bounty that there is room for every foreigner that wishes to come here.

And all to provide money for nothing for the few.

Martin Powell

Address supplied


Cross-party talks will end in failure

The so-called cross-party talks are cross certainly but are about to end in failure. Over seven weeks wasted in talks that were never ever going to succeed. They are a very transparent PR exercise.

Corbyn has no credible Brexit policy and Labour are as disunited as the Conservative Party. Once ended, each will blame the other for the failure to reach an agreement.

To add to the farce some Labour MPs are demanding a second referendum. If held, the Remainders would win, resulting in anger and a demand for a third referendum. More months go by plus more millions of tax payer’s money.

There are only two credible solutions: leave with no deal or scrap leaving entirely. The former will result in severe economic and security problems. The latter will confirm the sheer stupidity of the whole exercise.

Meanwhile, there is a call for the PM to go. How replacing her would change anything defeats me. The problems remain the same, the divisions in Parliament will still be there along with the same negotiators in Brussels.

It has already been made clear that a bombastic and insufferable Farage who is demanding to be part of the UK negotiation team would be most unwelcome in Brussels.

Dr Barry Clayton

Thornton Cleveleys


Politicians can’t defy will of people

It is now clear that the Labour party is committed to remaining in the European union in all but name.

They want a permanent customs union meaning we would lose one of the major advantages of leaving, that is the ability to trade freely with the rest of the world.

The deputy leader Tom Watson and the chief Brexit spokesman Kier Starmer now want a second referendum even if a deal is agreed by parliament. A vote for Labour in the up coming Euro elections is a vote to stay in the EU.

Traditional Labour voters who voted for Brexit now have the opportunity to vote for the Brexit Party and show that they cannot be ignored and taken for granted. It is vital that the politicians are aware they will be removed from office if they continue to defy the will of the people by not implementing a true Brexit where we are in control of our borders ,our money and our laws.

Dr Patrick Taylor

Address supplied


Main political parties are spent

Never has Britain had such inept and incompetent members of parliament.

The deal on offer from the EU is no deal at all as it ties the UK to Europe for ever. We should walk away and not be pandering and kowtowing to Barnier, Juncker and Tusk who only want the UK’s annual billions.

We can go it alone.

And wanting a second referendum is a gross insult to the public’s intelligence.

Prime Minister’s Question Times supposed to be serious and meaningful debates are nothing but a demonstration of posturing politicians solely concerned with self interests.

The main parties have disintegrated.

It’s long overdue the need for a new political party that will work for the public and all of UK clearly emphasized by recent local government elections.

Mr D Barker