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We need uniform response

Wednesday, 21st August 2019, 3:24 pm
School uniform
School uniform

“Back to School”... three words guaranteed to strike terror into any kid, especially when they come in the middle of the summer holidays.In truth though, signs in shop windows proclaiming the special offers for “Back to School” stock have been evident since way before the holiday started.Back in the 70s, my dad could cause maximum anxiety at the shop on Fleetwood Road by putting his posters up in the window in July. Summer appeared to have ended before it had even started.Late August brings with it mixed feelings. At 14, boredom set in weeks ago as the novelty of seven weeks away from the classroom wore off against a backdrop of winter weather conditions. Who can remember being dragged around town being made to try on new trousers that felt like cardboard, and then draped in a new blazer the size of your Dad’s overcoat with the promise that you’d grow into it by Easter?It’s here that is an apt point to mention the dreaded and much abused school uniform rules. We spoke about this a few weeks ago after the latest grim-faced teen was trotted through the paper for some uniform rule related drama.The facts are that schools draw up uniform rules so everyone looks the same. This notion is hard to swallow when you’re 15 and want to rebel. It is, of course, much more than about uniform. It’s about learning who is boss and how to play the game to the rules in the long term.Schools deserve the support of parents in their quest to turn out replicas of the kids we imagined ourselves to be, and the model citizens we’re convinced we are now.When young Donna Marie is conjured up on the doorstep at half past nine with a note because the headteacher can’t see where green hair and platform shoes tall enough to stand an oil rig on can possibly fit into his much-advertised uniform policy, we have to stop and think for a moment that he might have a point.Let’s all start the new school year prepared to help teachers all over town.

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