Andy Mitchell from Radio Wave

I could always be a comedian

Wednesday, 28th August 2019, 3:38 pm
Heritage tram

When it comes to hobbies and stuff to occupy myself outside of work, I tend to have the attention span of an eight-year-old. “Get a hobby!” is the constant shout from the other half, anxious to drag me away from my first love of radio, if only for an hour. It’s time to find something to do in time for the long autumn evenings.Now I was lucky enough to turn my hobby into my career all those years ago and so I haven’t noticed that three decades have flown by without actually having something to get all excited about outside of work.It is true to say that I can become a crashing bore on the subject of BBC MK3 broadcast desks and AKG microphones...but every one has their selling point.Most men my age escape to sheds or upstairs rooms, their wives just grateful for a bit of peace and quiet during Corrie, never daring to ask what they get up to whilst their away.So what would I turn to for a bit of extra curricular excitement, as it were? ..and what is the difference between having an interest, a hobby, or just out and out obsession (as in the case with radio).Some blokes have their model railways. You refer to them as ‘train sets’ at your peril, and their devotees come complete with an A to Z knowledge of engine numbers, colour schemes and timetables.Then there are the tram buffs... gentlemen of a certain age who have managed to collect every photo of every tram from every angle for the last 50 years and know their trolleys from their pantographs (see...I know what I’m talking about!)I used to be into a bit of amateur dramatics in my youth...could the Fylde be ready to see a reprise of my limited talents? I pounded around the Opera House stage as Captain Hook back in 1998 and quite enjoyed it... though my limited acting ability had hitherto been restricted to certain school plays.They still talk in hushed corners about the half a dozen lines I managed in ‘The Royal Hunt of The Sun’ in 1976.Perhaps Shakespeare calls? Outdoor performances of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ maybe?Crowds would flock to Stanley Park to see my Bottom.Ha...that’s it. I’ll be a stand up comedian.

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