Andy Mitchell from Radio Wave

Plenty more sunny days...

Wednesday, 4th September 2019, 12:24 pm

So there we are then...holidays over and back to work. I seem to have missed the highlights of the lighter side of the news whilst we’ve been away, though the last five weeks have been a bit of a blur. I’ve not been 100 per cent and consequently have been mithering the good people at the Vic to help, once again, try and piece me back together. The Met Office declared on the radio on Sunday that “meteorologically speaking”, summer was now over. Oh you reckon do you Mr Met Office eh?... there are plenty more sunny days to be had in Blackpool during September, with the added bonus of not having the kids screaming all over the place.Holidays this year centred on my own version of An Englishman Abroad, well nearly anyway. Mrs M is a declared Welshy, so off we went to the Homeland, one doing the driving, the other the pronunciation.It is indeed a lovely country, even if it does take ages to get anywhere! We visited the fabulous Portmeirion and took in the fantasy of this peculiar place, famed of course for the role it played as the setting for the hit 1960s series The Prisoner. I pondered in the gift shop on whether to treat myself to a black blazer piped in white just like Patrick McGoohan wore as “Number 6”.It emerges I’m quite well known among the poor commuters on the local bus service around Wrexham. We met up with a friend who takes the service to Chester each morning and took every opportunity to tell one bus driver after another that I was the voice on the Tannoy who announces what the next stop is. I decided the best policy was to slide away quietly before the bus driver sought revenge. I hope they don’t hate me too much.Back home on the prom, and it’s time for another one of those September traditions... to grab a bag of chips and a hot Vimto from Charles’ burger van at the top of Red Bank Road, and go and sit with the Bears on the cliffs.A walk through the lights is a must whilst the weather is still warm enough.Next stop Bonfire Night!

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