Andy Mitchell from Radio Wave

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Spring clean your mobile phone

I’ve been liberated this week - and all it took was a few clicks on my mobile phone.

I’ve discovered the best spring cleaning anyone can do is to go through all the apps on your phone and ruthlessly decide which ones are for the chop.

The main one I discovered I don’t need is Facebook on my phone. Why would I? I can get at it on my iPad or on the computer if I need to continue inflicting my mundane life on to the public, but do I really need to have it with me all the time?

Last week we covered the ongoing issue of people checking their phones whilst driving. It’s a growing problem which can have lethal consequences. Who hasn’t quickly checked for status updates or messages whilst waiting at the lights? Yet more and more we are coming to realise that this pointless addiction is causing untold danger to others. It’s time to stop.

However, social media as we know is like a kind of drug. Once you’re hooked, it’s very difficult not to chase the next fix. So why don’t we try and wean ourselves off it a bit at a time? - and that starts with not having access to it 24/7.

When you add up all the time we spend checking emails, updating statuses, seeing who “liked” something we posted online, winding ourselves up by reading some tripe someone’s written, when in days gone by they’ve have probably sat in the corner of a pub and said it to their drunk mates, you can see why we are all getting so very anxious.

Our anxiety is fed by constantly wanting to be accountable. Why should we need to know everything that’s going on ALL the time? Can’t it wait until we get home? I fear we are missing out on so much normal interaction with each other because we are glued to phone apps that just don’t need to be there.

It’s time to clear the day and clear our heads. There’s enough going on without having to add to the stress.

This spring go through your phone. Decide what you actually DO need and what can wait until you can log onto when you get home. If you want to take a photo of your it...but post it later.