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It is only when you set about cleaning out the fridge after the festive period, you realise the futility of having believed you would suddenly need some of the most random stuff you’d never usually buy.

I cannot remember rushing into the supermarket in the middle of June, demanding a pre prepared board of random cheeses from around the world.

But my desire was so great just before Christmas, said cheeses now fester untouched on the fridge shelf into the second week of January. I try and convince myself that, of course, on December 22, my life depended on that cheese, along with other pointless purchases, as though the very essence of Christmas would be destroyed I didn’t buy them.

Why do we put ourselves through this annual waste of perfectly good food? I remember my mum going on expeditions to gather food for Christmas like you’d imagine we were being sent to a bunker for six months. She came back with outrageous stuff she only bought, probably because HER mum had similarly stocked up with the same stuff when she was a kid.

Who on earth still eats dates out of one of those strange rectangular balsa boxes with the curved edges?....Nuts that require nutcrackers suddenly need to replace regular bags of nuts that have been widely available for decades, and that little listeria factory you’ve got going at the back of the fridge overwhelms what’s left of the crème fraiche.

Ha, crème fraiche... something else we never thought we’d ever want until we overheard something in a fur coat chatting about it at the Ladies’ Luncheon Club.

It’s as though the race to fill our fridges and cupboards with stuff we never usually eat is somehow a measure of the image we would like people to see us.

Pointless waste is all over the place - fuelled by pie shops who’s ever enthusiastic ladies implore that you can get “two pies for 50p more”....WHY? I only need one. What am I going to do with the other? will end up in the fridge with my listeria collection. UK food waste now running at £12.5bn a year...and Blackpool’s Food Banks are crying out for stuff that people actually need. Let us not waste valuable food this year.