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Election day
Election day
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Christmas has been put on hold

It’s that time of year... have they knocked at your door yet? All the sweets from Halloween are long gone, but I’m sure I could find a mince pie or two to cheer them along when they call. That’s right, the streets are awash after dark, with General Election candidates.
It’s probably true to say that even most hardened campaigners had never envisaged a national ballot before Christmas, hoping maybe the politics of it all may at least have kicked the whole idea into the long grass until at least it had stopped raining.
But here we are with three weeks to go. It’s like Christmas has been put on hold for these brave candidates until of course the 12th December
Their thankless task, in the meantime, is to try and get everyone else as fired up about the whole thing as they are day after day on the news channels.
As journalists, we are immersed in the whole circus from start to finish. Careful logs are kept of how many seconds each party gets on air each day, whilst we all rush out to see which political leader arrives next at the end of the street to promise us the world IF they get elected.
These are busy days for everyone, and priorities tend to be centred around rehearsals for nativity plays and Christmas shows, hoping that at least the venue hasn’t been requisitioned for a polling station.
These are also dark days, literally. We’re lucky if we get six hours of daylight this time of the year if it ever stops raining. This is a million miles away from those halcyon light May evenings when election hopefuls could knock at doors and canvass opinion in broad daylight with an outside temperature above 4 degrees.
Yet we all need to make sure our voices and votes are heard at this election, even if we seem to be more obsessed with Strictly, television store adverts and outsize Toblerones.
If you need a postal vote so you don’t have to turn out on the day, then get it sorted.
By the 12th December, Christmas trees will be up and the festive period underway. If any candidate who knocks at our door could also muster a chorus of “Once in Royal David’s City”, they may get my vote.