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Baby feet
Baby feet
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Carbon dated by our names

Glancing through the papers last week, we’ve been treated to the annual list of popular names given to babies born this year. It is usually a barometer of which pop stars and instant celebrities we’ve been worshipping since January.
Some of these will endure, in much the same way as the army of 30 year old Kylies settle down into family life of their own, no doubt glancing through the cast listing of Neighbours once again to see who they can immortalise in a new generation.
I was over at the University of Central Lancashire a few weeks ago to be met by no less than FOUR lads in their twenties called Josh. I’m told it was after the Tom Hanks film ‘Big’ in 1988!
It was interesting to note that George hasn’t had the resurgence that was expected in the wake of the Royal birth a few years ago.... and we’re still waiting for Archie.
Now some of us can be carbon dated almost to the year if we’ve had the reflected glory of Royalty foisted upon us. I’m one of the army of Andrews to follow the 1960 addition to the line up... if my Mother had held out a few more months, I might have been an Eddie.
Ordinary names take us back to the era they were first popular, and it is interesting to see how they move down the years. The Kevins and the Waynes of the 1960s will be retiring in the next few years. The Sharons and Traceys, grandmothers.
We’ve all had a giggle at celebrities over the years who insist on naming their children after tins of fruit or random vegetables.
You could almost go through the National Formulary picking out the names of drugs at random and they wouldn’t sound out of place.
Tamsolosin, a drug used by men of a certain age to help with prostate issues sounds like it could easily be on the list of baby’s names for London types anxious to please.
And so we wait patiently at home for the return of Kelly-Marie Chardonnay and Kyle-Brooklyn. They’re out playing with their mates now, but in 70 years, they’ll have replaced Kylie and Jason at the Dunroamin Rest Home.