A Word In Your Ear with Roy Edmonds - November 7, 2013

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What do women do four times more often than men?

A publisher advising on my first novel revealed the answer. “80 per cent of books are bought and read by women.”

She could have added they read them at a phenonemal rate.

“Nice day off?” I used to ask a female colleague.

“Not bad,” she’d reply, “did housework then read a couple of novels.”

A mate’s wife reads so much he spends retirement erecting book cases and floor-to-ceiling shelves.

At Edmonds Towers, come bedtime, we both read. She Who Knows favours biography or history, but does recommend my recent Fylde novel – ‘A Brush With Murder’.

“It involves a tennis club,” she informs friends, “and is really quite gripping.”

Our home style is “cosy”, but we have tried to reduce the clutter from books.

One idea was to share a Kindle. The trouble is, She Who Knows reads twice as fast as me.

“Haven’t you finished that yet?” She inquires, restlessly eyeing the electronic reader.

So, now we have one each. It proved an inspired gift for the woman who (I think) has everything – and also leaves me in peace.

“But don’t you miss old or favourite books?” Literary-minded friends inquire.

“Sometimes,” I admit, reminding them I still borrow theirs and, of course, publish my own.

(Two under way are an historic novel, set in Great Marton, and a humorous autobiography. However, for Christmas I recommend my last novel, ‘A Punt Into Eden’.)

Then I can’t resist shocking them by adding: “We only keep books if their covers are terracotta or pastel shades – that’s my wife’s colour scheme for the lounge.”

Those colours will be on the covers of my next two books – due out next year.

I hope that publisher would approve!

n Roy’s books are available, in diverse colours, through stores 
(especially Plackitt & Booth, Lytham) at The Gazette reception, or online at www.royedmonds-blackpool.com