A Word In Your Ear - September 4, 2014

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“Why didn’t you tell me you were going to the shops?” demanded She Who Knows, upon my return to Edmonds Towers the other morning.

I’d only nipped around the corner at Great Marton, to top up on milk for our porridge (just two minutes in the microwave with fruit and honey).

“There were quite a few things that I wanted, too,” she complained.

Well, there was her answer in a nutshell!

Trouble is, I muttered to myself, women and men shop differently.

We chaps resent spending cash and despise the whole exercise.

It’s a case of diving into the required store and getting what is needed – but nothing else.

By contrast, ladies seem to love feathering the nest. Wives and mothers want full cupboards and fridge-freezers; flowers and fruit on their tables, and some extras as surprises.

Even She Who Knows, usually methodical in other matters, shops ‘off the hip’ so to speak – that’s to say with her eyes, rather than from a list.

She’s also thinking days ahead and happy to be further tempted by a bargain offer, or unusual treat.

“Do you think women shop differently from us?” I asked the greengrocer, when sent back for the porridge fruit I’d forgotten (“Oh, and we’ll want some cress for Saturday, then some onions and lemons for Sunday . . .”).

“Definitely!” he confirmed with passion. “Wife and I have given up shopping together – too many rows.”

“They even pack differently,” I added, recalling embarrassing arguments at supermarket checkouts, “everything for the freezer in one bag, big or small.”

He nodded and took the words from my mouth: “Should have all heavy stuff in the bags first, then top up with anything lighter.”

We shook our heads in unison but knew, without further word, it would alter nothing.

They were just a different breed . . .

Thank goodness.

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