A Word In Your Ear - September 26, 2016

Roy Edmonds
Roy Edmonds
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I’VE been watching myself on TV. Well, it was actually on YouTube and not really me, but someone similar.

I shall explain.

The other day, I was sauntering across a petrol station’s forecourt to its mini supermarket, to shop for lunch. It was while queueing there that a big fellow close by, who had been frowning in my direction some time, engaged me in conversation.

“Don’t suppose you ever watch ‘Tanked’, do you?” he asked, still staring. “You look just like one of the characters in it – the General. You even walk like him, it’s uncanny!

“You’re not him, are you?”

The chap was so struck he even handed over a business card, then asked me to ring him after watching the programme – to see if I agreed with his assessment.

I suppose we all wonder how others see us. So, it was with some trepidation I looked up the Animal House channel’s raucously American but top reality show to see my doppelgänger.

Well, perhaps I’d had a bit of a late night before being spotted by the Tanked fan. The General wasn’t quite what I’d hope to see in the mirror, but still...

We were each endowed with a long, rather sad or sagacious face; big or perhaps ‘proud’ nose, brown eyes and hair (now thinning – but mine not as much, I’m sure) and, fortunately, a long suffering, rather sardonic smile.

We also both regularly wear shorts, sport shirts and tracksuits; while also walking with a somewhat lazy stroll, and have a similar droll delivery of speech.

In fact, I rather liked him.

By the way, he’s general manager of a family firm supplying acrylic aquariums to stars and casinos in Las Vegas. They’re a long way away but still...

I’ll never look at myself, or a goldfish, quite the same again.

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