A Word In Your Ear - September 10, 2015

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There was an air of nostalgia and excitement at Edmonds Towers last weekend, for the launch show to BBC’s latest Strictly Come Dancing series.

We’d had a rural Saturday afternoon out, on an open-day at Penny Farm horse refuge.

Now it was time for evening glitter and sophistication. Being keen amateur dancers, She Who Knows and I enjoyed the show in past years.

However, we regret changes along the way.

For the record, why get rid of excellent judge Arlene? She perfectly balanced the entertaining panel and was vastly experienced.

All right, Bruce might have been getting on a bit and his performance at times shaky, but should it be hosted by two women? After all, dancing is about couples.

Glamorous Tess has held the show together with cheerful efficiency, but scatty co-host Claudia couldn’t get halfway round a dance floor without tripping over her heels.

Away from TV’s dazzle, in the shadow of Blackpool’s Illuminations, we’ve got to know a number of local dance teachers.

We found that the way man-and-wife instructors combined added an extra dimension of fun, now missing in BBC’s flagship dance show.

“No, no, no,” one teacher, Dennis, would remonstrate with long suffering wife Betty, “you’ve put on the wrong music. I wanted a waltz, not a jive!”

However, the veteran couple danced together beautifully, as did other pairs like Ken and Pat, or Walter and Doris.

“My wife’s the only woman I know who can have two conversations at the same time, from different sides of her mouth,” instructor David would joke about partner Rita, adding.

“And that’s while she’s still dancing!”

Perhaps Tess’s handsome and musical husband Vernon Kay could be tempted from hosting on ITV, after all he was a former DJ and model.

But who am I to judge?

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