A Word In Your Ear - October 29, 2015

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AS dance action heats up on Strictly Come Dancing, it was also getting steamy in a church hall at St Annes.

We were at our regular midweek afternoon sequence session and, after tea and biscuits, launching into hot Latin number Mambo Magic.

The Mambo originated on the Caribbean island of Cuba in the 1930s and translates loosely as ‘dancing with the gods’.

It was fast with complicated steps. Later it crossed Mexico to New York, before inspiring today’s Salsa.

“I like the look of that,” said She Who Knows a few weeks ago, as some game couples gyrated to the Mambo Magic sequence dance.

Since she got addicted early this year to these sessions around the Fylde, we’ve learned 30 dances from waltzes to tangos – all thanks to YouTube, the video streaming service on the internet.

The free tutorials are paid for by online adverts and there are sessions from all over the world. We even found a rather stylish French version. We push back the lounge furniture and practice a few steps at a time.

But could we really do the Mambo at full pelt, when played by resident organist Vince with his flying fingers and own nifty footwork?

As they say in the cauldron that is pensioners’ sequence frenzy, you’ll only know when you get up and go!

Besides, we all laugh off mistakes. The important thing is that you’re keeping yourself mentally and physically fit, while also enjoying yourself (well, most of the time).

So, the time came. Up we got, with the fast Latin music playing. We were on our dancing feet, knees slightly bent, hips snaking... whoops, the odd mistake by me.

“You did very well!” commented one of the regular ladies kindly, as we collapsed in chairs after a passable performance and only a few shaky or inventive steps.

“Of course,” purred She Who Knows, “we were doing the French version!”

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