A Word In Your Ear - November 6, 2014

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So, Greater Manchester is to get an elected, full-time Mayor like London.

This will lead the way, we’re told, for more independence in England – with local rule over major issues and bigger budgets. Other cities and towns may follow.

As a former Mancunian, long settled into a love-hate relationship with Blackpool, I say: “Bring it on here!”

This pushy veteran resort with its name up in lights should be first in line to have a larger-than-life Mayor.

However, he or she will have to measure up to a 
bizarre set of standards.

Our Mayor will be boastful and confident, but also used to being laughed at – or ridiculed.

His or Her Honour will need to know every trick in the book; rewrite it if necessary, and learn new lessons quick when the game rules change.

They will also be grasping but hearty, with big appetites for life – and work. They may not be models of health and fitness, but will need pots of energy to rise with the gulls then party into those bright lights.

Our Mayor will have both bluster and guile; be the life and soul of the party, but ‘cannier’ than the rest (as Scots, who visit us in hordes, would say).

His or Her Worship will push the boat out in style, but have a street-trader’s eye for penny-pinching and bargains.

He or she will have to play their cards close to their chest, but still flourish a winning hand.

They’ll also enjoy dressing the part, sometimes outrageously; love getting noticed, and stand out in the crowd.

Finally, our first citizen will need a cheeky eye for romance and fun – a kiss-me-quick spirit.

Is there such a character? Of course!

Sadly, however, Boris 
already has a job.

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