A Word In Your Ear - November 5, 2015

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WE enjoyed this Indian summer – and celebrated our wedding anniversary – with a stay at the North Euston Hotel after their weekly tea dance.

What a wonderful coast we live on, with its diversity of attractions from Lytham to Fleetwood, as well as our inland countryside.

I relish, too, all the seasons here, with autumn’s colours and smells just now; the call of geese heading south and, for us, the warmth of home fires.

Now I can share a lifetime of enjoyment with you through a timely bonfire of the vanities – my autobiography. It’s just been published on Kindle, by Amazon, and in paperback through FeedAread.com, sponsored by the British Arts Council.

It’s called Only The Good News because, after a lifetime on local newspapers here in the UK, in rural villages and diverse towns, as well as overseas in the Far East and Australia, it’s the good things of life and the colourful characters and places that I like to recall.

For someone as little known as myself to write their memoirs would seem presumptuous, but it’s more about the people met and shared experiences over the years on papers, like the Gazette, close to their communities, along with extensive travels across America, Europe, Asia and, my furthest point from home, the Aussie Outback.

The blurb on the book says I went in search of adventure and romance, but found humour and humility then, where I least expected it, love.

In fact, much of the humour and affectionate anecdote has already been sampled by readers of these columns, in this paper for the last 25 years.

As you’ll read in the book, I had only stayed at another illustrious newspaper 25 minutes, before coming back to help work colleagues here for ‘just a few weeks’...

Blackpool’s bright lights had obviously dazzled me and, with She Who Knows at my side, we’re here to stay.

* For Roy’s books, visit www.royedmonds-blackpool.com.