A Word In Your Ear - May 8, 2014

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Today I bring you a taste of semi-retirement taken at leisurely pace.

When working full-time, I hurried through lunch with one eye on the clock. Now, with She Who Knows, I often avoid lunchtime altogether.

How much better to enjoy “elevenses”, such as two-minute instant porridge with a mix of fruit (blueberries, strawberries and bananas preferably), at Edmonds Towers in Great Marton – then afternoon tea somewhere different.

We are also fans of breakfast in bed, until recently favouring toasted hot-cross buns with marmalade. It was a tasty start to the day that needn’t be reserved for Easter, like enjoying a Christmas dinner whenever you wanted.

Our favourite buns were Tesco’s luxury brand, less doughy than the more traditional from Booth’s, for example.

But then She Who Knows discovered the high amounts of sugar in those. Now we’re back to healthier, wholemeal rolls and marmalade with no added sugar.

However, we’ve compensated for this hardship by favouring scones for our afternoon treats at cafés.

Our best so far were at Blueberries in Highfield Road, South Shore. They were home-baked fruit ones and served warm – reminding me of ‘rock cakes’ mum used to bake when I was a child (and also not working).

You can have cream as well but we find butter and strawberry jam hit the mark. The friendly café also does a frothy milky coffee at reasonable cost.

Another top-rated fruit scone was discovered at the Victory Café, overlooking the 18th hole of Blackpool’s four-star De Vere Hotel. Afternoon ‘tea and cake’ is surprisingly affordable.

Finally, a close runner-up was at the tearoom of Booth’s supermarket at Highfield Road, again South Shore.

Here our favourite was the cherry scone – so big we shared one in true fogey style. Except, of course, She Who Knows got the half with most cherries.

Even in retirement, there are crosses to bear.

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