A word in your ear - May 17, 2012

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SO how far would you go for your pet?

In the case of Ashleigh of Ashleigh and Pudsey fame, pretty far.

When she turned up to the Britain’s Got Talent auditions and said she was doing a Flintstones- inspired dog act I feared the worse.

Of course, what transpired actually means this super-talented 17-year-old and her uber-talented faithful friend are now the hottest tickets in Hollywood. . . or in dog food advertising, depending on which reports you believe.

The world is at their six feet, but a lot of hard work and dedication got them there. Ashleigh, I’m sure, has had to make a few sacrifices down her teenage years to get to the stage where Pudsey does Mission Impossible better than Tom Cruise.

But, as a pet owner, she is not alone. Take Craig Dershowitz as an example.

The recently split-up New Yorker is so desperate to get his dog back from his ex he’s gone online to ask for $20,000 to pay the legal fees, on top of the $30,000 he’s already blown.

“Knuckles was kidnapped by my ex-girlfriend and the legal fees to retrieve him are going to bankrupt me,” he said. The man whose name bears a resemblance to Bernie Winters’ old sidekick accuses his former companion of absconding to California with a dog he loves so much he considers it a “son”.

“The bond is as strong as between a child and parent,” Dershowitz said in his plea for help.

He says he’s already spent $30,000, but because his ex “is filing frivolous motion after frivolous motion,” he’s no closer to getting custody.

To attract donors on the site, he offers rewards ranging from a “virtual smooch” for those giving $10, to free entry at a nightclub where he is a doorman for those paying $100, and a graffiti mural for those ready to give $10,000.

You have to wish any man who is preparing to splash out $50,000 on his dog well in his bid, but he is not alone.

Last week I was asked to re-Tweet a plea for help for a stolen dog by the name of Toby. It was not the first or the last.

Anyone who has travelled between Blackpool and Lancaster will undoubtedly have seen posters appealing for the return of a chocolate brown Labrador by the name of Brook who was stolen a year ago.

Despite offering a £2,000 reward, the owner is still hunting for their beloved sidekick, further evidence, if ever it were needed, the close bond we have to our dogs.

Ashleigh and Pudsey look set for fame and fortune, and good luck to them.

But given the obvious bond I reckon that young girl could probably take or leave the cash – it’s the friendship that is really priceless.