A Word In Your Ear - May 10, 2018

Roy Edmonds
Roy Edmonds
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What a sunny bank-holiday we enjoyed! With the garden at Edmonds Towers tidied, its furniture set up and annuals planted, we’ve also enjoyed some outdoor events. At least, we did when people stopped rudely getting in our way!

Driving anywhere on the Fylde now involves traffic snarl-ups for road and sewer works. Walking to the cricket club, with a 20-20 local-derby by Stanley Park, seemed a better prospect. But there were still annoying obstacles.

“Would you mind sitting down?” called the old regular sitting near us on the club terrace, for the second time in minutes. Younger men, many with backs turned to the match, were standing and blocking our view.

The lads were obliging enough, even making jokes about their strapping size then settling into seats. However, only minutes later, another would carelessly obstruct the view – usually as a wicket fell. (You miss those TV replays!)

It’s the same when we watch a tennis match. Someone will stroll along and thoughtlessly stand in front of us, oblivious to the annoyance caused. When we attend a pop music concert, within minutes of us settling into expensive seats selfish people stand in front taking phone photos, then waving arms inanely. Are they mad, or on drugs?

We’re all used to the gentle chatter in a bus, train or restaurant being shattered by those who shout into phones – telling everyone what they’re doing. Apparently, it’s similarly annoying nowadays for those paid to speak in public.

Weakest-Link star Anne Robinson, writing in The Oldie magazine, said at a recent event where she was chief speaker a woman in the front row began furiously texting within minutes of her opening remarks.

The formidable quiz mistress stopped then announced to the audience, “We’ll all wait, shall we, until she stops texting, then carry on?”

That got the phone shut - and everyone’s full attention!

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