A Word In Your Ear - May 1, 2015

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So, here we are on the eve of merry May, a fresh summer and, after voting, perhaps a different society. Let’s Saunter Together through it all.

That, in fact, is our latest dance. She Who Knows has worn the carpets bare at Edmonds Towers, waltzing me through 20 different jigs, since urging us into sequence sessions at a local hall.

The saunters are older dances. They are popular because of their easy style and leisurely pace. However, like us mature-student dancers, they still have a certain verve.

In sequence you move together, allowing others space. That’s not a bad example for all walks of life, like motoring, shopping, sports or even politics.

What a difference a little patience, consideration and courtesy make – instead of, metaphorically, standing on others’ feet or bumping into them in a rush to ‘get on’.

It takes time and practice, of course, to learn the right steps. But afterwards it’s so much easier – and enjoyable – when moving together in tempo.

I’ve noticed that older people who attend such afternoon sessions apply the same easy, but careful, approach to whatever else they’re doing.

Wouldn’t the world be so much better if young people ‘listened up’, as our politicians now like to say, and did the same? But then, of course, many politicians are so inexperienced themselves.

If only more of us paused to think before taking action, or even listened to those who had more knowledge of life.

We might then hear answers for all those questions we’re in a rush to solve, or ignore. Why change what it would be better to conserve? How might we be happier, while not offending or hurting others?

There’s always answers and people who already know them.

Don’t let us race past others, just to reach another red light. Let’s Saunter Together and get it right.

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