A Word in Your Ear - March 30, 2017

Roy Edmonds
Roy Edmonds
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You should write about all the comedians we have living here on the Fylde, bringing us more humour into life,” said the chap next to me at my Great Marton local, Blackpool’s oldest pub the Saddle Inn.

Well, my recent novel entitled ‘A Cut Above’ did just that, as a thriller/romance about the mysterious death of a famous comedian based in Lytham, but with action set throughout our coast.

However Alan, the retired gardener chatting with me, didn’t mean that. He was talking about professional comedians, not fictional ones, and meant in this column rather than a book.

Of course, there are many comedy stars who have chosen to live on our holiday coast over the years. Some got to know and love the area while appearing at our entertainment centres. But there’s another reason they all enjoyed it.

You always find humour in poorer locations, at the wrong end of town, from those working hardest – or trying to - but getting least reward. They have to laugh, to share and overcome daily woes. Comedy thrives among ordinary working people. The wealthy have their sniggers but are too concerned with appearances and, ironically, their finances.

As it happens, I’ve just published a sequel to that novel. Entitled ‘A Stone’s Throw’, this again stars roguish, good-looking, local boy Sam Stone.

In its plot, which whisks us from our west coast to the Far East then back again, there’s a secondary story involving a stand-up comedian trying to become a preacher. This adds a spiritual theme but also reminds us about the contrasting powers of love and hate, laughter and sadness.

So you see, Alan, I am writing about comedians – both here and in that new book. As usual in Blackpool, we’re getting the best of all worlds and our punchline - as always – is simply, ‘Let’s have some fun!’

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