A Word In Your Ear - March 27, 2014

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I officially become a pensioner this spring.

The Budget gave freedom to spend as I wish. But I shall not blow it all on a Lamborghini, as one politician suggested.

They’re too low for a 

Older people are sensible enough to handle their money. It’s the politicians we can’t understand.

Take the Chancellor.

We’re £100bn in the red but he’s prepared to give £1bn to Ukraine.

Council grants are cut every year but millions spent in overseas aid, to India with its space programme or corrupt African states.

Local politics are as hard to fathom.

We must build thousands of new homes on green sites, especially ‘social housing’, yet hotels are boarded up and owners refused permission to rebuild as flats.

Council houses have been sold cheap, yet may be rented by people like late union leader Bob Crow who can afford their own.

Perhaps we should go back to school for answers.

Except we don’t have schools any more. They’re all ‘colleges’; while what were once ‘techs’ are now universities.

In spite of that, basics like Maths are taught better in China – thanks to our years of aid.

Degrees cost thousands but count little with employers; while television advertising encourages hard-up youngsters to gamble.

I might as well also target bankers and ‘captains’ of industry.

The £3m-a-year Co-op boss can choose to resign but can’t be sacked without a golden handshake. Such contracts are as crazy as a footballer getting £300,000 a week.

By comparison, the late Sir Tom Finney stayed in his family plumbing firm and would play soccer with kids down the street. What Sir Tom did earn was satisfaction and respect.

It’s not surprising ‘tides’ of immigrants no longer respect our culture.

We champion people who stoop low to impress and appear successful – whatever the cost.

Just the sort, in fact, who would buy a Lamborghini.

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