A Word In Your Ear - March 26, 2015

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The Sky’s the limit, it seems, for modern telly entertainment. After threatening to leave Sky recently, after a cheaper offer from Virgin, Sky dropped our monthly fee so much that we’ve now upgraded with them for extra sport.

While I was having fun with Sky, a pal was doing the reverse – leaving Virgin for, yes, a better deal from Sky. Such is the state of current customer relations, you have to switch regularly to get a competitive rate.

So much for loyalty!

However, what does carry clout – as always – is a title.

I got my Sky title by mistake, when first registering. My hand shook or I faltered while filling in details.

When the agreement was confirmed, instead of being an ordinary ‘Mr’ I had become an ‘Mp’ – or Member of Parliament.

Now all my mail from Sky is addressed to Member of Parliament Edmonds, which must impress or baffle our postman.

It certainly pays off in improved service.

On the occasions I’ve spoken to a Sky adviser over the phone or internet, there is a noticeable keenness to please after checking my details on file.

Suddenly, instead of ‘Roy’, I become ‘sir’.

Perhaps I should feel guilty.

However, it says a lot about the modern service world – where few really talk to or know their customers.

No sooner had I applied online for our upgraded sports package, and been told in an automatic response it would take 24 hours, than we were receiving our new programmes.

“It’s working already!” declared a delighted She Who Knows, when I returned to Edmonds Towers after a lunchtime pint.

“Well done Member of Parliament Edmonds!”

Now I’m aiming to get similarly eager service from banks, insurance and energy companies.

All it takes is a slippery hand when form filling . . . just like those parliamentary expenses.

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