A Word In Your Ear - June 27, 2013

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OF COURSE the weather’s changeable, it’s Wimbledon fortnight. This is the time we salute British summertime with Pimms, strawberries and cream –and umbrellas.

At Edmonds Towers we’re tennis fans and Wimbledon, especially with sliding roof, is the summit. No one does it better, whatever the weather.

In Great Marton we shall be watching the championships on telly, with high definition showing every sun line on Sue Barker’s cheery face.

Our last visit to the All England Club was a couple of years ago and we have the racquet bags and water bottles to show for it.

Show court tickets are all very well but most fans find it more thrilling close up to players on outside courts.

The turf really does look hallowed- green and smooth as a billiard table.

To see players hitting brilliant shots just feet away is a stunning experience. You expect excellence on those big show courts but when so close it’s amazing to witness first hand such talent, skill and athleticism.

The whole pristine setting is an eye-opener, reminding you that it is possible to strive for the utmost in life.

Even watching the veterans underlines that same pursuit. Middle-aged stars from the past, looking like balding, overweight businessmen, still cover the court with apparently effortless ease – joking with onlookers while delivering winning shots.

My own game improved, just by watching. Some of that excellence somehow rubbed off and I dazzled regular opponents back at our club on the Fylde. (The improvement lasted about an hour before I tired.)

As well as sporting brilliance, visitors also – of course – share the heavy downpours that disrupt play from time to time, squeezing into crowded cafeterias while VIPs wine and dine in exclusive restaurants.

Yes, all of life’s rich pageantry is there – as varied, surprising and testing as our weather.

You just have to make the most of what comes your way, then admire others who do better – they’ve usually worked hard to excel.

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