A Word In Your Ear - June 11, 2015

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I’m halfway through your latest novel and enjoying it!” said a kind lady we bumped into in Lytham.

“It’s lovely as I recognise your locations.”

She was a few years my senior, so knew a thing or two.

“But whereabouts,” she asked, “is your fictional setting of St Peter’s Close?”

That address, for the setting of a suspicious death at retirement flats, was an irreverent pun (as St Peter awaits at those Pearly Gates).

One pleasure of writing fiction is meeting people who enjoy it. On newspapers we journalists usually only hear from folk when getting it wrong.

As an imaginative child I tried to amuse others with far-fetched yarns. However, this did not lead to any authorship until recent semi-retirement.

‘One of the most talented boys in the class,’ reported my English school teacher, adding the twist, ‘but Edmonds continues to wallow in sloth.’

He would have been pleased I finally had more than a dozen books published.

The first inspiration is to entertain; then to share those joys and woes of life and, perhaps, even make sense of them.

That motivation prompts these columns – while, of course, also sharing She Who Knows’ wisdom.

Inspiration comes from interesting characters and places, of which there have thankfully been many. Naturally, not all subjects are local but our Fylde coast is hard to beat for diversity.

That’s why I live in Blackpool after working round the world on ‘local’ newspapers – my shortest stint being 25 minutes, the longest (here) 25 years.

So I sympathised when our lady reader continued, “I’d like another book, for a son down south. I even read a passage over the phone to him. He misses life round here.”

“Well,” I said, pride swelling, “books can usually be ordered at stores but, still more easily, on my website.”

“Perhaps one day,” volunteered She Who Knows, “he might even make a profit!”

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