A Word In Your Ear - July 16, 2015

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DO you feel different waking up on Sundays? The answer could depend on how you spent Saturday; also whether you are religious, or if you’re going to work.

I’ve worked Sundays, even Easter ones (as well as Christmas Days), but they still felt different. Town and office were quieter; more people were home at leisure, and we worked in more casual wear for shorter hours. I also got away earlier to enjoy a social drink and Sunday dinner.

Even now, though both retired, She Who Knows and myself religiously relish a Sunday roast at Edmonds Towers. I’ve also attended our parish church occasionally, and felt better for it – while renewing friendships in the community.

As a youngster I found the Sabbath and religious holidays boring, even hiding under the table when a local Sunday school teacher used to drop by to walk me there. However, I only have to catch the aroma of a roast and gravy to be transported back to family comforts of the past.

Of course it’s good, now, to be able to do more with our free time. But even rock stars feel differently about the biblical day of rest. More artists have sung about Sunday than any other day of the week. But times, as Dylan told us, are a changing.

Since last week’s Budget, local areas will choose whether to extend Sunday trading hours from the present six. Relaxing Sabbath business restrictions was also part of Europe’s reforms for the religious (if also recklessly relaxed) Greeks.

Whether you want to go shopping on a Sunday as a family, at a more relaxed pace, might depend upon whether you enjoy it. But it seems only reasonable to give retail and other ‘service’ workers some time off, too, at the weekend.

Change we shall but, I pray, Sunday mornings will still feel special.

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