A Word In Your Ear - January 8, 2015

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What to do now celebrations are over, coffers are low and it’s still dark outside?

The pubs and restaurants are quiet after everyone supped up and spent up. Most of us have a virus and, besides, it isn’t weather to tempt you from home.

What’s more, the telly’s back to showing repeats and humdrum stuff.

Well, you don’t have to all sit separately doing internet games. At Edmonds Towers we’ve rediscovered playing cards.

It was She Who Knows who took down an old book from the back shelves, then started leafing through its contents on different games.

The names conjured up an exotic mix from a more elaborate and cultured past: Chinese Whist, Piquet, Canasta and others.

We found a pack of cards and, wine and bottled beer to hand, soon got into an entertaining game for two called German Whist – which I vaguely remembered from my youth.

She Who Knows hadn’t known it but, within a couple of hands, was soon coming out in front. “This is really rather good fun!” She declared.

It was, too. Subtle tactics and gamesmanship began to creep in. What’s more, it was a communal activity others could join in, while giving the television batteries and broadband a rest.

Also, it didn’t cost anything – giving me a warm glow and, for once, taking She Who Knows’ mind off turning up our heating.

Back in my distant youth, we lads graduated to brag and poker games. But my ‘poker face’ was too easily read for me to profit.

Now we aim to try cribbage next. I’ve found an old crib board, so all we need are a couple of matchsticks as markers.

In the past, if I’d suggested “a spot of rummy” later she might have given me a doubtful look. Now she’s positively game!

So, lay your cards on the table – it’ll suit you too.

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