A Word In Your Ear - January 5, 2017

Roy Edmonds
Roy Edmonds
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Today sees an end of Christmas for many as they take down decorations for the 12th day, though others already have as they return to work to refill the coffers.

However, at Edmonds Towers decorations remain as festive spirit lingers.

“The Queen doesn’t take down decorations until February,” She Who Knows said, when I fretted we’d suffer bad luck in keeping up the glitter.

Also at our local church, tree and Nativity stand until next month - in accordance with older traditions.

With monarch and church on our side, hopefully good fortune will remain and we’ll prosper through 2017.

Many are quietly praying along similar lines, after the tragic conflicts of the past year and with gloomy predictions ahead.

Still, whatever Brexit and the Age of Trumpery bring, we should be optimistic. The human race still has its saving grace, our resilient humour. Often it’s our salvation to be able to laugh at ourselves.

This week I was wearing my Christmas-gift socks and new hankies as we resumed afternoon tea dancing at Fleetwood, then in St Annes, and also playing tennis under a new roof at South Shore in the Fylde’s only indoor court.

Here at home, in Great Marton, there are still a couple of decent bottles of plonk remaining and, while I sit writing this and savouring a toasted crumpet, there are also laughs to hand.

You see another thoughtful present, from She Who Knows, was a book of Daily Mail cartoons of the Queen.

Her Majesty could have been outraged or depressed by caricatures of her and family over past years of tragedies and triumphs, but she wasn’t.

As she told cartoonist mac when awarding him a gong. “I love your drawing of the Corgis best!” After that he always included the pets, adding to our (and her) pleasure.

So, God save our gracious humour, amen

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