A Word In Your Ear - February 5, 2015

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As a Manchester lad, I was delighted to learn much of ‘Last Tango In Halifax’, the hit BBC series ending last Sunday, was filmed not over the Pennines but here in the North West.

Much of the cast arrive at Piccadilly Station, Manchester, on Mondays then head, of all places, out to 

Caroline, headteacher of a posh school (really Bolton), has an imposing house supposedly set in Harrogate, but really in Altrincham.

What’s more, she’s played by Oldham lass Sarah 

Having grown up in nearby Urmston, I always considered Altrincham in Cheshire. However, it is now, like Urmston, in Trafford, Greater Manchester,.

In fact, her imposing residence in leafy surroundings is probably in Bowdon. That exclusive enclave is cheek to jowl with Altrincham, yet as distinct as Lytham and Ansdell.

Bowdon made news in recent memory for a husband’s murder of his wife who wanted a divorce. They were bridge players and the killing stunned local club members, rather like a similar murder in Lytham a few years later.

The only current link between here and there I know of is that Bowdon Croquet Club plays against Fylde, at South Shore Tennis Club.

However, my abiding memory of Bowdon is buying a ‘yacht’ there.

In truth it was a tiny ‘mongrel’ dinghy which 
fitted on the roof rack on my old Mini.

Despite its humble 
nature, the boat provided a good chat-up line as a young man about Manchester.

“How would you like to come out on my yacht this weekend?” usually did the trick.

It was, of course, a shock when they saw that crude hull on the car roof. But, 
after all, you need humour in any relationship.

That sailing was also in what I considered Cheshire back then – at Winsford Flashes.

Who knows, perhaps that might appear in the next 
series – transposed into a Yorkshire lake?

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