A Word In Your Ear - February 28, 2019

Roy Edmonds
Roy Edmonds
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Bon Jovi – by Jove! It was to be a laid-back evening at Lytham’s Lowther Theatre, snacking in the café, enjoying a drink in the bar then relaxing with live musical entertainment.

It didn’t matter they were a tribute band; we’ve seen many and enjoyed them – Elvis, Roy Orbison, even Abba (better looking than the Swedes).

Sometimes they’ve been the original bands, like Showaddywaddy, and very professional – often being as long-in-the-tooth as their grey-haired audience.

I thought people gave me odd looks when I mentioned going to ‘Bon Jovi Forever’, but put it down to ignorance. However, it was I who didn’t realise they were a hard-rock band – my youthful wife books these things!

On our fateful evening out my ears were burning, from the sheer volume of noise which rocked me back in my seat towards the front of this cosy, little theatre. Even putting in makeshift ear plugs of tissue paper didn’t help.

Soon I had my head bowed low with my fingers pressing in my ears, but was still grimacing in decibel discomfort. Also, the seemingly normal audience appeared to have gone crazy too, standing up and waving their arms around like loons.

“It’s too much for him - the noise,” She Who Knows shouted to a concerned woman on my other side, who looked fearful that I might be having a heart attack.

I made my excuses and left before the intermission, receiving tutting noises of sympathy from caring female volunteers manning the doors.

I sat in the bar, shaking along with the furniture, until the orgy of noise finished and She Who rejoined me.

“Like sitting next to an old fogey!” she complained. However, she also declined to return for the second half. No more of the hard stuff for me, thanks. It’s The Searchers next time – soothing us with Needles and Pins.

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