A Word In Your Ear - December 7, 2017

Roy Edmonds
Roy Edmonds
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It’s odd writing a newspaper column. Mostly there’s little feedback.

However, She Who Knows – as readers know my wife – often glances and comments, “Very nice, dear,” before turning to Steve Canavan’s column and laughing heartily.

Still, recent columns reminded me of the power of the Press – even mine.

“The consultant asked if you’d be breakfasting in Stanley Park again,” She Who Knows told me, when we met up after her cataract operation. Medical consultations and ops are her latest hobby and take up most of our time.

You see, I’d admitted in print to enjoying a fry-up in the park then strolling by the lake, while previously waiting to pick her up at the hospital. Obviously, the consultant was a keen reader – I felt flattered.

Then, most deservedly, Stanley Park – for which I often express admiration – was voted best in the country. Of course, this could also have something to do with tireless work from its Friends and their campaigning chairman Elaine Smith MBE.

But other places I frequent also pick up awards later, like Blackpool Cricket Club and the resort’s oldest inn, The Saddle. It’s humbling to have such power at one’s fingertips!

Anyway, the other day I was in St Annes again awaiting She Who Knows, as she had her nails attended to between medical operations.

She was at a therapy centre which needs no promotion from me.

I was keeping a low profile, reading in a corner of the small, friendly Number 10 Ale House, just off the square. Very pleasant it was, too, and wisely encouraged dogs, rather than children, to accompany drinkers.

I left discreetly when She Who Knows appeared but heard its jovial owner unexpectedly call out, “Give us a write-up sometime!”

So, George, your beers were great!

What’s more, it’s only a matter of time before your award.

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