A Word In Your Ear - December 19, 2013

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We were gathered in an old Fylde inn, with log fire and Christmas tree sparkling.

Where better to meet old friends and former colleagues in an annual reunion to catch up and reminisce?

Surely it’s that reuniting of friends and family, while giving our time along with thoughtful gifts, that makes this such a heart-warming season.

How pleasant to linger awhile and enjoy it all.

“But not too long!” She Who Knows reminded me, when leaving Edmonds 

There is, of course, also a lot to do at this festive time to spread that cheeriness, before we at last put up our feet and reflect on the deeper message and story of Christmas.

This year, She Who wisely dropped me off and then picked me up again a couple of hours later, after more Christmas shopping.

The excellent beer, something called Rocking Rudolf and another named Farmer’s Belgium Blue, had slipped down well and I was still chuckling. Wisely, again, She Who Knows didn’t ask me why, but I’ll share the tale with you.

We’d been talking in the pub about Fairhaven, where one former colleague had now moved.

“That always reminds me of Big Dave,” said another, smirking, “when he lived there back in the 70s.”

As the nickname indicated, Big D was a chap who enjoyed life to the full and then some.

“Sadly,” recalled our tale-teller, “Dave was suffering from piles and his doctor, a well-humoured fellow, was making a close examination - shining a torch into the darkest interior.”

“I see you enjoy your Boddingtons’ beer,” observed the medical man.

“Heavens, Doctor!” exclaimed Dave. “Can you tell that just from looking up there?”

“No,” chuckled his GP, “but I saw you drinking it at the Fairhaven last night.”

Merry Christmas!

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