A Word In Your Ear - December 15, 2016

Roy Edmonds
Roy Edmonds
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As television dance fans anticipate this week’s Strictly Come Dancing final, we were having a bit of a knees up ourselves – at the pensioners hall.

Sorry, I should say Memorial Hall, as She Who Knows points out this is the true title of this St Annes establishment in St Alban’s Road. Trouble is, whenever I mention we go social dancing there, people frown then say: “Oh, you mean the pensioners hall.”

Any way, She Who was too busy canvassing votes for heart-throb star dancer Danny off BBC’s runaway hit series. He is a good mover, but the opposition are no slouches either.

I could say the same about ourselves and those enjoying a Christmas buffet with us at, well, that hall. A fine spread by organiser Doris and daughters didn’t cramp our style on the floor afterwards, pausing only for a round of bingo (which rookie bingo-er She Who won, or shared top prize with elegant dancer Pauline, usually away cruising).

Our ages stretched over almost half a century and the healthy reputation of dancing was confirmed by the number in their 80s or even 90s still waltzing and tangoing.

Admittedly, there aren’t any dramatic lifts from our dancers, but plenty of spins and neat footwork to ballroom and sequence dances. Retiring Strictly head judge Len would approve and be welcome any time down St Alban’s Road.

Our coast offers many dancing venues including, of course, the dazzling Tower, and we’re regularly seen sauntering as far away as friendly Fleetwood.

I’ve even included our venues and diverse dancing acquaintances into my last novel, for the worlds of ballroom and sequence attract all sorts.

It’s a great way to keep fit, mentally (we’ve now learned around 40 dances) and physically while also socialising in pleasant surroundings.

If Danny and the others inspire you this weekend, why not join us?

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