Oh baby, what a big rush George was in!

Paul Singleton and Emma Singleton with their new born son George Singleton.
Paul Singleton and Emma Singleton with their new born son George Singleton.
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A MUM has told how she delivered her baby son on a grass verge on a freezing night, as her husband banged on the locked doors of Blackpool Victoria Hospital’s maternity wing.

Emma Singleton, 33, of Upper Westby Street, Lytham, was progressing to the advanced stages of labour as husband, Paul, 35, drove her to hospital.

The couple, who have a two-year-old daughter, Lucy, arrived, left the car at the drop off point and walked towards the maternity wing.

But while car dealer Paul hammered on different locked doors to try and get a response, Emma’s contractions became more frequent.

By the time he had got in, chased up and down corridors and alerted a midwife, baby George Anthony had arrived.

“We understand that security is paramount at the hospital, but we went up to the entrance we’d used throughout Emma’s pregnancy and it was locked,” said Paul. “By that time, Emma could hardly stand and was feeling the pressure.”

She said: “While Paul raced around trying to find the right access, I hobbled across to the grass verge. I think my animal instinct kicked in.

“I managed to get my trousers off and was on all fours on the grass. There was frost on the ground and it was so cold. Then I thought I felt the baby’s head.

“It was very scary, but little George couldn’t wait and neither could I.

“A lady came up to me nervously and asked if I was all right.”

Stroke unit healthcare assistant, Anne-Marie Bezer, 26, of Mereside, was taking a break when she saw Emma on the ground. She said: “I called out to her and she asked me to check if her baby’s head was out.

“I said I didn’t ‘do’ babies, that I wasn’t a midwife. It was such a shock but I looked and could see the baby’s face, his eyes, nose, mouth, everything. After it was all over, I burst into tears, and had to explain to the staff nurse why I had been so long. She thought I was joking when I told her I’d just delivered a baby.” The drama started at around 10.30pm last Wednesday. It was around 11.15pm when the baby was born.

Nicola Parry, head of midwifery at Blackpool Victoria Hospital said she was delighted mum and baby were healthy.

She added: “There is an out of hours entrance for the Women and Children’s Unit at Blackpool Victoria Hospital, where patients gain access via an intercom system. This is sign-posted clearly, and illuminated at night so it is easily identifiable.”

“In Mrs Singleton’s case the labour was so advanced her baby was delivered outside this unit. It’s not always possible to predict speed of delivery, but we are delighted both mother and baby are healthy and well, and wish them all the best.”

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