Mystery bird causes a flap at high school

Mystery parrot found in Unity Academy
Mystery parrot found in Unity Academy
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Teachers at a North Shore school were baffled when a mysterious grey parrot swooped into their classroom.

The handsome African grey parrot flew into a year one classroom at Unity Academy before it was captured by primary teacher Trevor Tomes.

Mr Tomes took care of the mystery bird for two weeks at his Blackpool home before handing it over to ‘Problem Parrots’ charity worker Lynn Parkinson.

Miss Parkinson, 37, said: “It seemed quite happy when I went to pick it up.

“It was whistling and saying ‘hello!’.”

Now Miss Parkinson has launched an online appeal to find the owner of the parrot.

“I’ve been looking on the internet and through different parrot magazines, and I’ve called all the vets in Blackpool.” But while several people suspected the parrot might be theirs, none could match the unique code written on a ring on the bird’s leg.

Miss Parkinson now fears the unusual bird could become a target for dishonest people hoping to make a quick buck by claiming it as their own and then selling it for a huge sum online.

She said: “African grey parrots need special care and lots of attention.

“They need to be exposed to UV light to help them absorb calcium.

“A bird without light could end up with a calcium deficiency.” Anyone who believes they might be the owner of the mystery bird is urged to get in touch with Ms Parkinson viathe ‘Problem Parrots’ website.

Unity Academy Primary head Roger Farley said: “We want to thank the police and parrot charity for their help with the bird.”