‘Ocal’ sign still on the road

A sign on church Street, Blackpool, directs "ocal" traffic
A sign on church Street, Blackpool, directs "ocal" traffic
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It’s been a source of ‘ocal’ embarrassment since it was flagged up by The Gazette almost a year ago.

Yet council traffic workers have yet to rectify wrongly written road markings despite a promise they would be done so “urgently” in October last year.

The offending markings on Church Street, Blackpool, should read ‘local’ and point traffic in the direction of the town centre and Park Road, but painters working on the sign missed an ‘l’ off the front.

Neil Raine, owner of CB Computers, on Waterloo Road, South Shore, first brought the sign to The Gazette’s attention.

He said: “The council don’t exactly work very fast.

“It doesn’t portray the town in a good light but I suppose you get this kind of thing up and down the country too.”

The offending markings were flagged up following a similar mishap in October when South Shore traders were left confused after a new signpost erected on Lytham Road by Blackpool Council, which was meant to direct people towards the Promenade, instead pointed away from the sea.

That sign was later turned the correct way round.

A Blackpool Council spokesman said: “We’re well aware of the road marking that needs changing, and are keen to get it fixed.

“While major road works were ongoing around that area, the timing wasn’t quite right to close a busy lane in order to repaint road markings but now we’ve completed a lot of our major highways and resurfacing projects across the town, we are asking our contractors to go and clear up any remaining aesthetic issues like this.”