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Blackpool Victoria Hospital
Blackpool Victoria Hospital
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A nurse has been hit with an order restricting her duties due to “lack of competence”.

Julie Margaret Callagan, who has been registered as a nurse for 10 years, was called before the Nursing and Midwifery Council for a Substantive Order Review on May 6.

Ms Callagan was suspended from her post in July 2012 for 12 months, after a series of failings came to light during her time working at Blackpool Victoria Hospital.

She was found to be too incompetent to have the “knowledge, skill and judgement required to practise without supervision”.

These included failing to “demonstrate competency in the preparation of and administration of intravenous drugs” and failing an exam.

The nurse’s suspension was extended by another year, in August 2013, after a further review found Ms Callagan “demonstrated little or no insight” into her failings.

A review in July 2014 saw the suspension replaced by a conditions of practice order, imposed for nine months.

Realistic limitations were put in place for the nurse to work by, after she showed medical bosses she recognised she needed to improve her work. However, she had not undertaken any training courses but had attempted to register on Return To Practice courses.

At a follow up meeting, Ms Callagan has now been given 10 restrictions to work by for six months, including to not work as a registered nurse in a hospital, to formulate a Personal Development Plan with a mentor or manager, and to notify any employer or trainer of the conditions of the practice order.