Now Fylde coast folk can keep calm and go with the float as new floatation centre opens

Fancy letting your cares  and ills drift away, floating weightlessly in warmth and velvet darkness?

Friday, 1st March 2019, 3:40 pm
Updated Friday, 1st March 2019, 4:52 pm
One of the floatation rooms at Rossco's Float Rooms in Ansdell

Well now you can on the Fylde Coast, with the opening of the area’s first sensory deprivation float centre.

Sports scientists Ross and Craig Kinsey who set up Kinetics Personal Training at the Glendower Hotel, have now branched out into relaxation and recovery after enjoying the benefits of floats for themselves.

Floatation involves lying in a shallow pool of body warm water which has 500kg of epsom salts dissolved in it to allow the human body to float effortlessly.

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Inside Rossco's Float Rooms in Ansdell

The air in the room is also at body temperature too, so the person feels like they are floating free in space.

The room starts off with relaxing music and gentle lighting which then fades to darkness allowing the person to achieve a deep meditative state of relaxation sometimes known as a Theta state.

Ross said: “It has been around for many years and it is very effective for wellbeing and health. In fact, in Sweden float sessions are prescribed on their health service.”

He said the magnesium salt in the water, saltier that the Dead Sea, also has health giving properties as most people in the UK are deficient in that mineral and lying in the water helps people with posture problems, muscle pain and improves circulation.

Ross Kinsey in Rossco's Float Rooms in Ansdell

“We have gone for state of the art float rooms rather than the pods you sometimes see, because some people can feel claustrophobic in pods.

“I first did it about four years ago and, as a businessman, it helped me switch off. It re-energised me. As sport scientist we have run a successful fitness business and this is a natural progression.”

The Kinseys have spent “a significant sum” on the premises in Woodlands Road, Ansdell, which used to be a craft shop.

There are showers and even vanity areas in the luxury centre, where people can make use of Dyson hairdryers, chosen because they are quieter than normal ones so that they don’t break the relaxing silence for customers.