Novel debut a joy for Joel

Joel Newman with his book The Lone Daughter
Joel Newman with his book The Lone Daughter
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A YOUNG writer from Lytham is taking great strides in the literary world after publishing his own novel at the tender age of 13.

Joel Newman, a pupil at King Edward and Queen Mary School in Lytham, has shocked his friends and family by penning his first book The Lone Daughter.

The teenager wrote the novel in secret and now dreams of topping best seller lists like his hero JK Rowling.

The Lone Daughter is an adventure story about a young girl named Margaret who leaves home in guilty circumstances, leaving her brother to save the day.

The 133-page book took the young author eight months to complete and when finished, Joel, signed up to US self publishing site Lulu in a bid to see his words in print.

The Year 8 pupil said: “I decided to write after being asked to read a book to my eight-year-old brother.

“I knew I wanted to write something that would take ideas further; in essence creating a new genre of literature for older children.

“My book’s not perfect but it’s all my own work, it is the real thoughts of a 13-year-old.

“At times the book will break your heart but it will also make you laugh – reflecting the ups and downs of family life.

“I wanted it to be something people would relate to.”

Positive feedback and a steady flow of sales have inspired the young author to pursue a writing career and a sequel, Kenneth in Hawaii, is already underway.

But his first book came as a shock to mum Sindy. She said: “The first I heard of it was when he asked to borrow the credit card to download his own e-book.

“I was amazed.

“Teenagers spend plenty of time up in their rooms but I had no idea he’d been spending his time putting pen to paper.

“I was quite moved when I read the book, he’d clearly written it from a therapeutic point of view.

“I’d always thought of him as more of a scientist than an author, but he’s unearthed a talent nobody knew he had.

I’m glad he didn’t get anyone to edit it – few people can say they’ve published a book single-handedly.

“His writing style is unique and very creative. He’s always been an imaginative child and now he’s decided to share his ideas and I’m glad he has.”

And the young writer has also been happy to give advice to other budding young authors.

Joel said: “Don’t feel discriminated against because of your age, you can have ideas and thoughts whatever your age – there’s no age limit for telling stories.

“I believe everyone is born with a story to share.

“I had a book in me that I wanted to write, so I made it a reality and now I’m a published author.”

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