Not Eon your life, says Lucy

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Plucky pensioner Lucy Booth risked arrest when she stood up to energy giant E.ON in a bid to prevent street lights being installed outside her home.

The police were called in when Lucy, of Hampton Road, South Shore, stood in the hole made by workmen to stop the new lamp being put in place.

Despite wearing just a thin jumper in the bitterly cold wind and rain, the 66-year-old stood firm for around 20 minutes before finally agreeing to step aside.

She told the Gazette: “I wish the police had arrested me, I should have stayed in the hole longer.

“I was not prepared to let E.ON ride roughshod over my wishes, I don’t care how big they are.

“I told them I didn’t want the street light there, lots of people were unhappy, I thought it was about time someone stood up to them.”

Grandmother Mrs Booth who is widowed and partially sighted, did not want the light put in place because it spoilt her plans to install a driveway at her home.

She hoped new neighbours would consent to demolishing a shared garden wall so they could create a communal driveway and have parking spaces behind their homes.

The new lamp-post however has been placed directly in between the two properties making her plan impossible.

She added: “I made my feelings clear, I support the need for street lights but residents should have more of a say.

A spokesman from E.ON said: “We’re aware of Mrs Booth’s concerns which we have taken seriously.

“Due consideration is always given to the location of new street light columns and we’re more than happy to work with residents to address concerns.

“We have to comply with British Standards and are working in line with plans agreed by the council.”