Takeaway slams 'misleading' video showing raw chicken in open buckets in yard

Happy Hong
Happy Hong
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A Chinese takeaway has slammed “misleading” footage which revealed buckets of raw chicken left uncovered in its back yard.

Earlier this week, an alarming video emerged of buckets of raw chicken left uncovered outside the back of a popular Wigan takeaway.

A screenshot from the video showing the raw chicken

A screenshot from the video showing the raw chicken

The video was taken by recycling worker Ethan Atherton at the Happy Hong in Kitt Green, Wigan.

According to Ethan’s boss Patrick Boswell, his employee accidentally discovered the uncovered meat by looking over the wall of the Chinese takeaway after hearing a noise.

Patrick Boswell, who runs a recycling firm, explained how the pair came across the disturbing sight.

“I was picking some metal up in the area,” he said. “Ethan went across the road because he heard shouting.

“He popped his head over the wall to see where the noise was coming from.

“He came straight back over to me and said ‘have you seen all of that chicken out there?’

As Ethan approached the back of the building, he discovered three buckets of raw chicken placed next to a hose pipe which the pair believe had just been running due to the pool of water surrounding it.

“The gate was open and the bin was outside empty, so he went in. He was angry because he always orders from there.

“Everyone I know orders from there.

“Someone reacted to our video saying that the chicken had been put out to go in the bin, but the bin had just been emptied.”

“We think they might have been swilling the chicken in those buckets,

“He looked in the shed they have out there as well and saw boxes and boxes of prawn crackers just left on the floor.

“It’s put me right off eating Chinese food.”

However, since the footage went viral - the story has taken an unexpected turn.

On the same day, Greater Manchester Police received reports that a gas cooker had been stolen from the Bell Lane takeaway.

A spokesperson for the police said: “At around 8.30pm on Wednesday afternoon, we were called to reports of the theft of a gas cooker from a garden.

“No arrests have been made and there is no description of the perpetrator.”

Managers at the Happy Hong, have rebuffed claims that the chicken was being prepared for serving.

A staff member at the Chinese said: “This has completely destroyed our reputation. We have been investigation by the hygiene officer who knows that the chicken was just there to go into the bin - which we were about to do,

“We have lost so much business through this.”