Noise fears threaten big day

Stanley Villa Farm Camping, Back Lane, Greenhalgh
Stanley Villa Farm Camping, Back Lane, Greenhalgh
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A bride and groom have been given a late reprieve - just days weeks short of their big day.

Following complaints about two previous wedding receptions held at Stanley Villa Farm Camping on Back Lane, Greenhalgh last year, objections were raised about another planned bash due to be held there on October 25.

Philip Dent, Fylde Council’s principal officer for environmental protection, said he believed the event should not be allowed to happen citing past noise complaints.

He said: “Public nuisance is being caused whenever amplified entertainment is taking place at the campsite.

“Following an event on August 2, a number of complaints were received, two from nearby residents and an unknown amount who had contacted Coun Maxine Chew.”

However, Fylde’s Licensing Panel said that despite events last year at the site generating a ‘completely unacceptable level of noise’, they were happy with the assurances they had received.

Chris Hambly, principle officer of Fylde Council’s licensing team, said two main factors were behind their decision.

He said: “First, the very extensive assurances that were given to us on behalf of the applicant about the way in which this event will be managed.

“We take these assurances on trust, and sincerely hope that our trust will not be misplaced.

“Secondly, we have sympathy with the bride and groom.

“None of this is anything to do with them, but they have been put in the position that their wedding arrangements are still in doubt at this late stage. We hope that this decision will allow them to enjoy their big day with their guests, and we wish them all the best.”

Alex Young, manager of Stanley Villa Farm Camping said: “First and foremost, we’re delighted for the couple, who booked with us more than 14 months ago, and secondly we’re pleased that the council has confidence in us.

“We’ve only received complaints from a couple of events from a very small number of people.

“When hearing of them, we have taken immediate action and worked with the council to take the appropriate measures.”