Noise fear over late hours bid at eaterie

Giacomo's on Station Road, Lytham
Giacomo's on Station Road, Lytham
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A Lytham takeaway is bidding for a late-night licence – despite calls from worried neighbours it will make their lives a misery.

Giacomo’s, on Station Road, Lytham, want to be able to open as late as 2am at the weekends.

It is the fifth time the takeaway has applied to Fylde Council to extend its opening hours, and the application comes just weeks after nearby Caesar’s, on Church Road, had their late-night application dismissed after complaints from neighbours.

Kim Richardson, who lives on Station Road, said the noise she hears from the takeaway is already “excessive”.

In a letter to the council’s licensing panel, who will decide the application, she said: “Many people shelter under the old Nottingham’s bus shelter, which is just four metres from me.

“They stand there late at night shouting, singing and screaming at each other. I really feel I suffer enough noise and nuisance in this area.”

And Wendy Wilson, who lives next door, said she has already had to move her sidegate to stop the takeaway’s customers urinating in the alleyway by her home.

She added that customers regularly sit on the wall in front of her bedroom window to eat their food.

The shop’s owner, Giacomo Colosimo, wants to open until 1am each night apart from Friday and Saturday, when he wants to stay open until 2am.

He claims he has adequate lighting and CCTV installed to deter trouble, and there is no music playing or deliveries taken after 10pm.

There is also a notice asking customers to leave quietly.

The council’s principal environmental officer, Philip Dent, has also objected to the late licence on noise grounds.

He said due to “close proximity of dwellings” he wouldn’t want the shop open any later than 12.30am.

Planning officer Andrew Stell added there is a “clear and historic” objection to the premises opening later.

Clifton ward councillor Charlie Duffy said no residents had complained directly to him, but he had concerns about the application.

Coun Duffy said: “I used to live directly opposite where Giacomo’s is and it could get rowdy on a weekend, so I would have my reservations about it being open later.”

The licensing meeting will take place in the United Reform Church, St George’s Road, St Annes at 10am on Tuesday.