‘Nobody asked us about home’

Martindale, on Moss Side Lane, Wrea Green, could become a children's home.
Martindale, on Moss Side Lane, Wrea Green, could become a children's home.
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RESIDENTS in a Fylde village have hit out after plans for a children’s home were approved with “absolutely no input” from locals.

Fylde Council has given the go-ahead for a detached property in Wrea Green to be transformed into a home for up to four children between the ages of 11 and 17.

But because the application was for a “certificate of lawfulness” and not planning permission, residents weren’t given the chance to air their views on the proposals.

And, according to local Coun Frank Andrews, the decision has left neighbours of the property – Martindale, on Moss Side Lane – concerned.

He said: “We do feel we’ve had absolutely no input and no say on this.

“We’re aware there was a procedure to check it was legal, and the council has decided it is. If they (the teenagers) fit in then of course there’s no concern, but if they disrupt neighbours then that’s not on.”

The four children will be looked after in the property by a carer and a non-resident carer, but Coun Andrews said residents fear Wrea Green doesn’t have suitable amenities for a group of teenagers.

He said: “We would not want to disadvantage any children who could benefit from being in Wrea Green.

“But naturally I’m concerned about the effect on immediate neighbours.

“There’s only shop in Wrea Green, what are these teenagers going to do?

“I’m not sure it’s the right place.”

Fylde Council said the group would be “living there as a family”, which is why planning permission for the development wasn’t needed.

The applicants, a Mr and Mrs Sloane, have declined to comment on the proposal.