No place like home for young model

Becca Horn from Lytham.
Becca Horn from Lytham.
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A young model has been making her mark on catwalks across the globe and has cut her cloth with the queen of quirky British fashion Vivienne Westwood.

But Becca Horn is taking it all in her stride and is unaffected by the celebrity lifestyle.

The former Lytham St Annes pupil and Blackpool Sixth Form College student still visits her home town on a regular basis and admits she prefers the area to London.

Becca became a model after being ‘scouted’ by Industry People modelling agency.

She said: “I was scouted while shopping with my mum in Manchester.

“However, my big break came after I applied online for the Elite Model Look UK 2012 competition.

“I received a phone call from Elite London informing me I’d been put through to the UK Final for the Elite Model Look contest.

“This involved a week bootcamp with the team from Elite London alongside, 11 other girls and 12 guys.

“We stayed in a gorgeous hotel in Mayfair and spent the week undertaking various activities including go-sees, catwalk training, photo-shoots, choreography pineapple dance studios routine and nutrition talks.

“Then came the final show on the Friday where I actually opened the show.

“It was the most unreal but amazing week and it really benefited me as I was immediately asked take part in London Fashion Week the next day.”

Becca, from Haymarket, St Annes, has worked all over the world as a model in cities including Milan, Paris, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Copenhagen and New York.

She has rubbed shoulders with famous people - but remains nonplussed.

She said: “Apparently I have met famous people, but I’m slightly oblivious when it comes to celebrities,

“I really need to teach myself! My brother once rang me saying ‘Oh my god – you were on stage with NARS’, I had no idea who he was.

“But I have worked with Vivienne Westwood (below) when I walked at her London Fashion Week show. She fitted the clothes backstage before the show herself; for the first time in my life I was actually star struck.”

Becca’s jet-setting lifestyle never stops: “You generally find out your next jobs only a day or two before the job – the fashion industry moves very quickly.

“I know next week I am flying to Sweden for a job and then shooting the Urban Outfitters ‘lookbook’ when I fly back to London.

“I have also just signed to another agency in New York and plan to fly back or stay for a couple of months very soon.

“The best thing about being a model is meeting new, exciting and interesting people every single day.

“I absolutely love it. Every day is different and never monotonous.”

Becca says the hardest thing about working as a model is being away from home.

“I love my job but it can be lonely,” she said.

“That said, the more you travel the less homesick you tend to get.

“I would definitely recommend it, however, I think you have to be comfortable in your own skin and fairly thick-skinned.

“You must always remember where you came from and stay grounded; it can be very easy to get sucked into the glamorous lifestyle.”

And home is still where the heart is for Becca.

“All of my family still live in Lytham and St Annes,” she said.

“My brother and his fiancé have two beautiful children who I love to come home and see as much as I can.

“My mum and dad live in St Annes so I think it’s important to come back and spend time with my family. I also couldn’t imagine missing my niece and nephew growing up, they change so fast.

“My friends live up and down the country as many of them are at different universities. I miss and love them terribly, but nothing beats a good Lytham reunion during their breaks!”