‘No humanity’ was shown to elderly victim

Alainie McLatchie admitted mistreating and neglecting an elderly woman at the care home where she worked.
Alainie McLatchie admitted mistreating and neglecting an elderly woman at the care home where she worked.
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A care worker is facing jail after covert cameras inside a Blackpool care home filmed her mistreating an elderly resident.

Alainie McLatchie, 22, showed “no compassion” as she manhandled the woman, who has dementia, at the Red Oak care home in South Shore where she worked, a court heard.

The Red Oak Care Home on St Annes Road.

The Red Oak Care Home on St Annes Road.

Blackpool magistrates were told she ignored the 91-year-old victim as she begged: “Be careful with me.”

McLatchie, of Cavendish Road, Bispham, admitted ill-treatment and neglect.

Prosecutor Pam Smith told the court how the distressed victim pleaded with the defendant during her rough treatment.

She added: “(McLatchie) drops her onto her bed and then throws her legs onto the bed and then pushes down on the victim’s forehead to put her head on the pillow.

“There was no compassion, no reassurance. She acted in an emotionless way.

“It was disturbing behaviour to the extreme. The victim was aged and vulnerable and there was no humanity shown to her.”

McLatchie, whose Facebook page shows a picture bearing the slogan “I love my grandparents”, was also filmed neglecting the victim after she had fallen in her room.

Magistrates also heard the cameras were installed after visiting relatives noticed marks on the body of the victim, who lacked the mental capacity to report the mistreatment to police. However, she had complained of staff shouting at her since she moved into the care home, on St Annes Road, in 2010.

Gerry Coyle, defending, said his client, who was 19 at the time of the incidents, had no previous convictions.

He added: “She was an apprentice carer at the home and on that night she had been left with a 17-year-old to put to bed 17 residents whilst two other staff abandoned ship and went out. This is a home which has already been brought to the attention of the Care Quality Commission because it lost notes on residents and was fined.

“My client had this sort of responsibility put on her whilst she earned just £500 a month. She had no training in lifting people. However she has not prevaricated with the police or this court.”

McLatchie was bailed on condition she does not enter the Red Oak or apply for work in any other rest home.

Presiding magistrate David Hearton warned her: ”There are all options available for sentence including prison.”

The Red Oak care home was fined by the CQC last year but has since been found to have made all the required improvements.

It was given a “good” rating in all categories following an unannounced inspection by the watchdog in January.